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Brain Rays & Quiet - Capsules EP - Out Now

The Severed Sun

The Severed Sun

I recently worked on the music for Dean Puckett’s first fiction feature, The Severed Sun, with best pals and long-term musical collaborators, James Forde Stewart and Thomas Michael Williams.

We’ve been making film soundtracks for a while under the alias Bizarre Rituals, and now we’re operating as Unknown Horrors.
This freaky folk horror film is coming to a festival near you in 2024!

Starring Emma Appleton, Jodhi May, Oliver Maltman, Lewis Gribben, Barney Harris, Flora Lambert, Zachery Tanner, Eoin Slattery, James Swanton as ‘The Beast’ and Toby Stephens.


Directed by Dean Puckett
Produced by Becca Wolf and Jude Goldrei
Original soundtrack by Unknown Horrors
Post production by OnSight