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Brain Rays & Quiet - Capsules EP - Out Now

Chilli Lords EP

Chilli Lords EP

Spicy new one out on Bandcamp with Neil Landstrumm featuring AstraBeneca & Quiet.

1. Gloopy O (featuring AstraBeneca & Quiet)
2. Proctor

The Chilli Lords:

After a failed harvest in 2023 the chilli market is tight and prices are sky high. Mr Pickle and friends can hide behind ladders all they want but you can’t ever be sure of avoiding pieces of evil food.
No one takes advantage of the Chilli Lords when it comes to pure tonnage of the little hot fellas.

The CL’s have bought wisely, warehousing ample supply as 2024 stretches out in front of us.

In the words of wise man, AstraBeneca, “You just gotta keep…..Ummmmmm….. Right….. Exactly…. O….. Exactly.”

Original production duties on Gloopy-O by Quiet, The refresh and rework by the Chilli Lords, Landstrumm & Hudson.